Table 1

 Clinical and biochemical parameters among patients with acute liver failure (n = 80)

Quantitative data are given as median (range).
pNH3, partial pressure of ammonia; data for 71 patients.
*Markers of acute hepatitis A, B, and/or E viral infection—71.8% of patients; isolated hepatitis B surface antigen or anti-hepatitis C virus antibody—9.9% of patients; acute hepatitis E infection, either alone or as dual infection—53.5% of cases.
Age (y)25.0 (14–72)
Encephalopathy grades 3, 4 (No (%))58 (72.5)
Cerebral oedema (No (%))28 (35.0)
Pre-encephalopathy interval (days)6.0 (2–29)
Icterus encephalopathy interval (days)3.0 (0–28)
Bilirubin (mg/dl)14.1 (3.9–42.0)
Alanine aminotransferase (IU/l)1115.0 (122.0–7206.0)
Albumin (mg/dl)2.7 (1.6–4.5)
Prothrombin time increase (s)28.5 (4–48)
Urea (mg/dl)16.0 (14–90)
Sex (females) (No (%))51 (63.8)
Pregnancy (No (%))20 (39.2)
Ammonia (μmol/l)128.6 (9.3–735.0)
pNH3 (×10−5 mm Hg)6.28 (0.26–41.06)
Lactate (mmol/l)4.6 (1.2–31.0)
Bicarbonate (mEq/l)20.0 (5.9–32.2)
Sodium (mEq/l)138.5 (122.0–161.0)
Blood pH7.49 (7.02–7.80)
Admission to death (days)4.0 (1–17)
Awake time (days)4.0 (1–12)
    Post viral*81.7%
    ATT induced5.6%
    No evident cause12.7%