Table 2

 Multiple logistic regression analysis: Helicobacter pylori factors associated with clinical presentation

Factorp ValueAdjusted OR95% CI
Factors with a p value less than 0.10 are presented. When we analysed data combining two counties (total), country was also included in explanatory variables.
DU, duodenal ulcer; OR, odds ratio; 95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
Duodenal ulcer v gastritis
    All samplesOipA0.0044.01.6–10.2
    Colombian samplesOipA0.0059.01.9–42.2
    US samplesOipA0.0493.91.0–15.3
Gastric cancer v DU
    All samplesSabA0.0182.81.2–6.7
    Colombian samplesSabA0.0153.61.3–10.1
Gastric cancer v gastritis
    All samplesOipA0.0134.81.4–16.8
    Colombian samplesOipA0.0185.51.3–22.5