Table 1

 Staging system for primary gastric lymphoma (modified Ann Arbor system) (from Radaszkiewicz 1992)*

*Radaszkiewicz T, Dragosics B, Bauer P. Gastrointestinal malignant-lymphomas of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue—factors Relevant to prognosis. Gastroenterology 1992;105:1628–38.
IELocalised disease—no lymph node involvement
    IE1Confined to mucosa and submucosa
    IE2Extending beyond the submucosa (into muscularis propria)
IIELocalised disease with lymph node involvement
    IIE1Regional lymph nodes involved
    IIE2Infiltration of lymph nodes beyond regional area
IIIELocalised disease but with lymph nodes involved on both sides of diaphragm
IVEDiffuse or disseminate involvement of non-GI tract organs