Table 2

 Trial participant characteristics and intravenous treatment received

VariableAntioxidantPlacebop Value
MODS, Marshall organ dysfunction score; LODS, logistic organ dysfunction score; ERCP, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography; IQR, interquartile range.
*Unpaired two sample Student t test.
†Fisher’s exact test (two sided).
‡Mann-Whitney U test.
§χ2 test (2 × k) without trend.
Number of subjects2221
Age (SD)*64 (13)71 (14)0.081
Sex (% male)†36%33%1.00
APACHE score
    At admission (SD)*10.5 (3.4)11.0 (3.5)0.67
    At randomisation (SD)*11.0 (2.7)11.2 (3.2)0.80
MODS at admission (IQR)‡1.36 (0–2)1.19 (0–2)0.90
LODS at admission (IQR)‡3.05 (1–4.5)1.90 (1–3)0.35
Aetiology§ 0.58
    Post ERCP01
Days of intravenous treatment4.1 (3.0)4.7 (2.0)0.42