Table 3

 Demographic characteristics and barostat findings in patients with idiopathic gastroparesis with or without impaired accommodation

Normal accommodationImpaired accommodationp Value
f, female; m, male; MDP, minimal distending pressure.
Values are mean (SD).
Age (years)42 (2.5)40 (3)NS
Gender (m:f)11:228:17NS
Body weight (kg)63 (2.5)60 (2)NS
Height (cm)166 (1.5)166 (2)NS
MDP (mm Hg)7 (0.5)6 (0.5)0.04
Perception pressure (mm Hg above MDP)3 (0.5)4 (1)NS
Discomfort pressure (mm Hg above MDP)10 (0.5)9 (1)NS
Compliance (ml/mm Hg)55 (3)74 (12)NS
Perception volume (ml)265 (183)318 (47)NS
Discomfort volume (ml)583 (32)584 (57)NS