Table 4

 Demographic characteristics and barostat findings in patients with idiopathic gastroparesis with or without hypersensitivity to gastric distension

Normal sensitivityHypersensitivityp Value
f, female; m, male; MDP, minimal distending pressure.
Values are mean (SD).
Age (years)41.3 (2)40.3 (3)NS
Gender (m:f)14:375:12NS
Body weight (kg)64 (2)56 (2)0.03
Height (cm)167 (1.5)164 (2)NS
MDP (mm Hg)7 (0.5)5 (1)0.02
Compliance (ml/mm Hg)52 (3.5)91 (2)0.002
Perception volume (ml)305 (33)246 (46)NS
Discomfort volume (ml)650 (34)427 (42)0.003
Preprandial balloon volume (ml)212 (22)163 (27)NS
Postprandial balloon volume (ml)363 (31)214 (41)0.009
Postprandial relaxation (ml)151 (24)51 (35)0.03