Table 3 Frequency of tumours with both MGMT methylation and loss in colorectal cancer
Total examined, nMGMT methylated and lost (%)p Value
MSI status
    MSI-high9129 (32%)
    MSI-low4619 (41%)0.02
    MSS421106 (25%)Referent
CIMP status
    CIMP-high10135 (35%)0.005
    CIMP-low19966 (33%)0.002
    CIMP-026755 (21%)Referent
    Any mutation19765 (33%)0.03
    G>A mutation12745 (35%)0.02
    Non-G>A mutation7020 (29%)
    Wild-type34985 (24%)Referent
    K(+)B(+)32 (67%)
    K(+)B(−)19463 (32%)0.04
    K(−)B(+)7615 (20%)Referent
    K(−)B(−)27370 (26%)
18q LOH
    (+)16328 (17%)0.0002
    (−)14251 (36%)Referent
  • Only statistically significant p values are described. CIMP, CpG island methylator phenotype; LOH, loss of heterozygosity; MSI, microsatellite instability; MSS, microsatellite stable.