Table 1

 Transmural alternating current impedance analysis

Re (Ω cm2)Rsub (Ω cm2)Rt (Ω cm2)n
Re, Rsub and Rt of sigmoid colon of controls and mild to moderately inflamed Crohn’s disease or Crohn’s disease in remission, respectively. All values are means (SEM).
*p<0.01 versus control.
†Not significant versus control.
CD, Crohn’s disease ; Re, epithelial resistance; Rsub, subepithelial resistance; Rt, total tissue resistance.
Control39 (4)9 (1)48 (4)10
Active CD23 (3)*21 (4)*43 (2)†10
CD in remission38 (3)†11 (1)†50 (3)†9