Table 3

 Tissue protein and mucosal surface area

Protein per serosal area (μg/cm2)Crypt length (μm)Inner crypt diameter (μm)Crypts per serosal area (/mm2)Mucosal area per serosal arean
Morphometric analysis and protein content of biopsy specimens from mild to moderately inflamed Crohn’s disease and corresponding controls. The amount of protein per serosal tissue area was increased in active Crohn’s disease. Also, mucosal surface area was increased as the result of an increase in crypt length and diameter. All values are means (SEM).
CD, Crohn’s disease.
Control272 (20) (100%)333 (34)17 (2)79 (19)2.18 (0.17) (100%)6
Active CD414 (19) (152%)436 (29)26 (1)50 (7)2.71 (0.09) (124%)6
p Value<0.001<0.05<0.01NS<0.05