Table 4

 Treatment effects for pH metry and manometry at 3 months

Endocinch group (n = 17)Sham group (n = 18)p Value†
Absolute change*%Absolute change*%
LOS, lower oesophageal sphincter.
*Mean (SD).
†Statistical tests compared the mean differences in absolute change from baseline values between the Endocinch and sham groups.
‡Percentage of time oesophageal pH <4, off antisecretory drugs.
§p = 0.02, within-group comparisons.
Acid upright‡−2.5 (6.1)−22−1.8 (6.6)−140.74
Acid supine‡−2.5 (8.2)−35−1.7 (5.2)−310.74
Acid total‡−2.7 (4.4)§−29−1.9 (4.6)−200.61
Number of reflux periods−13 (28)−19−1 (24)−10.18
LOS pressure (kPa)−0.0 (0.7)−1−0.3 (0.8)−210.35