Table 4

 Published cohorts on the “natural” history of chronic pancreatitis and present study

First author, yearPatients, nProspective studyCountryFollow-up (years)Alcoholic CP (%)Pancreatic surgery (%)Definition of pain reliefYears between onset of CP and pain relief for 50% of patients
CP, chronic pancreatitis; NA, not available; Y, yes.
Miyake, 198719125YJapan66231Relief or improvement5
Lankisch, 199317335NAGermany107327Pain-free>1 yearNA (35% with pain relief at the end of follow-up)
Layer, 199418315NUSA157940Pain decreased or disappearedNA (64–77% with pain relief after 13–27 years)
Cavallini, 199815715YItaly107563Pain free ⩾1 year8
Ammann, 199916207YSwitzerland1710056Pain free ⩾2 years4
Present study55YBelgium, Italy4708Pain free ⩾2 years1