Table 3 Serum ALT, AST and GGT levels in patients with chronic hepatitis C during long-term administration of UDCA
Pre-treatmentTreatment period
Week 0Week 24Week 48Week 104
Patients (n)247242*243†149‡
ALT (IU/l)114.8±54.170.7±37.467.9±36.363.5±31.9
AST (IU/l)86.6±41.759.0±31.556.6±27.454.1±23.7
GGT (IU/l)87.3±67.649.5±42.647.3±40.541.8±30.1
  • Data are expressed as mean±SD.

  • *Corresponding data missing in five patients; †corresponding data missing in four patients; ‡administration between week 52 and week 104 was optional and 149 patients opted for the maximum term.