Table 3

 Motility parameters

Patients with IBS without SIBO (n = 74)SIBO (n = 7)After treatment (n = 7)
IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; MI, motility index; MMC, migrating motor complex; SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.
Results from the small-bowel manometries in patients with IBS with and without SIBO according to the standard definition, before and after treatment (mean (SD)). MI is presented as the mean value of measurements from the proximal and distal duodenum and the jejunum. The results of phase III duration and propagation are from the distal duodenum. Patients with SIBO tended to have fewer phase III activities compared with those without SIBO.
*p = 0.08.
MI phase II (mm Hg×s)6700 (3500)7700 (3000)7000 (2200)
MI postprandial (mm Hg×s)12 900 (6400)10 300 (4000)12 000 (3000)
Phase III duration (s)330 (120)384 (144)406 (90)
Propagation velocity phase III (cm/min)13.9 (8.9)15.1 (6.4)13.1 (9.1)
Number of phase III activities/3 h1.4 (0.8)0.9 (0.8)*0.7 (0.5)
MMC cycle length (min)90 (41)99 (39)113 (39)