Table 2

 Pre-treatment and on-treatment characteristics in patients with sustained virological response or virological relapse

CharacteristicSustained virological response(n = 139)Virological relapse(n = 155)p Value*(univariate)p Value*(multivariate)
Patients were treated with peginterferon α-2a monotherapy or peginterferon α-2a plus lamivudine. ALT, alanine aminotransferase; HAI, Histological Activity Index; HBV, hepatitis B virus; LAM, lamivudine; PEG-IFNα-2a, peginterferon α-2a; ULN, upper limit of normal range.
*Rates presented are actual rates for each subgroup. p Values are based on univariate or multivariate logistic regression models; †p values are from a separate logistic regression model performed on 254 patients with available baseline HAI scores and including all other characteristics listed above.
Age (years)0.0020.024
Body weight (kg)0.140.36
Baseline HAI score0.66†0.66†
Baseline ALT0.120.23
    Mean±SD (IU/l)103±9688±66
ALT level at week 480.590.36
Peak ALT level weeks 0–48 (IU/l)0.280.26
Baseline HBV DNA (log10 copies/ml)0.150.01
HBV DNA at week 480.0080.03
    ⩽400 copies/ml95%83%
    >400–20 000 copies/ml5%18%
HBV genotype<0.0010.006