Table 2

 Prevalence of significant predictors for eosinophils present in the distal oesophagus, eosinophils present at 2 cm above the Z-line, eosinophils present at the Z-line, and eosinophils present only at the Z-line in the Kalixanda study population

Kalixanda study population (n = 1000)Eosinophils present (n = 48)Eosinophils present 2 cm above the Z-line (n = 26)Eosinophils present at the Z-line (n = 47)Eosinophils present only at the Z-line (n = 22)
*Helicobacter pylori positive by histology and/or culture.
Male sex (%)48.862.576.963.845.5
p ValueNS (0.051)0.0030.034NS
Gastro-oesophageal reflux symptoms (%)4045.846.244.745.5
Dyspepsia (%)
p Value0.0020.0070.003NS
Erosive oesophagitis (%)15.537.538.538.336.4
p Value<0.0010.009<0.0010.013
Hiatus hernia (%)23.939.638.540.440.9
p Value0.013NS0.010NS
Oesophageal ulcer (%)
p Value<0.001NS<0.0010.001
Narrowing of the oesophageal lumen (%)
p Value0.044NS0.042NS (0.051)
H pylori* (%)33.916.719.217.013.6
p Value0.006NS0.0080.029
Carditis (%)39.423.420.023.927.3
p Value0.0170.0350.023NS