Table 2

 Evolution during follow-up*

ESWL alone(n = 26)ESWL combined with endoscopy(n = 29)p Value
ESWL, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy.
*Values are means (SD) (normally distributed data); values with ranges under parentheses are medians (non-normally distributed data).
†p<0.001 and ‡p<0.001 compared with the year before trial intervention for the ESWL alone and ESWL combined with endoscopy groups, respectively.
§Some patients had >1 therapeutic procedure; in particular coeliac blocks and surgery were performed in a total of five patients who had presented pain relapses.
Follow-up duration (months)52 (19.3)50.7 (23.6)0.460
Patients with pain relapse, n (%)
    At 2 years10 (38)13 (45)0.633
    During the whole follow-up11 (42)13 (45)0.851
Number of pain episodes during the year after trial intervention0 (0–5)†0 (0–4)‡0.759
Intensity of relapsing pain on a 10-point visual analogue scale5.7 (2.1)5.7 (1.3)0.963
Weight increase (kg)3.9 (4.9)3.5 (6.4)0.846
Patients with therapeutic procedure§, n (%)8 (31)18 (62)0.02
    Endoscopic retrograde pancreatography8 (31)18 (62)0.02
    ESWL7 (27)7 (24)0.813
    Coeliac block03 (10)0.238
    Surgery1 (4)3 (10)0.613
Duration of hospital stay (days)3.1 (5.3)8.6 (16.5)0.099