Table 5

 Predicted additional resources required for alternative screening options

Treatment optionBiennial FOBT at 50–69 yearsBiennial FOBT at 60–69 yearsFSIG once at 55 yearsFSIG once at 60 yearsFSIG once at 60 years, biennial FOBT at 61–70 years
*Additional resource requirements over no screening policy. FSIG, flexible sigmoidoscopy; WTE, whole time equivalent.
Additional number of FSIGs*00344 605274 969274 969
Additional number of colonoscopies*83 37339 1767093863847 967
Additional number of WTE nurse-001108888
trained endoscopists*
Additional number of WTE53254–55–631
gastrointestinal consultants*
Additional endoscopy units required*209403338
Annual cost following roll-out over 5 years*£94.5–128.5 m£54.4–78.1 m£25.7–27.5 m£24.8–27.4 m£26.3–84.5 m