Table 1

 Phlebotomy requirements and iron indices in 7 patients before and during PPI treatment (paired) and in 8 patients not prescribed a PPI (unpaired)

Paired group (n = 7)Unpaired group (n = 8)
Before PPIDuring PPIp Valuep Value†p Value‡
NS, not significant.
*All values are mean (SEM) †compared to before PPI ‡compared to during PPI.
Recording period (years)6.1 (0.2)*3.8 (0.9)0.2 NS7.8 (1.5)0.9 NS0.06 NS
Haemoglobin (g/dl)14 (0.2)14.3 (0.4)0.6 NS13.5 (0.3)0.7 NS0.3 NS
Serum ferritin (µg/l)81.4 (17.1)38.5 (8.5)0.1 NS55.3 (4.7)0.3 NS0.9 NS
Annual phlebotomy requirements (litres)2.5 (0.2)0.5 (0.2)<0.0012.3 (0.1)1.0 NS<0.001