Table 3.3.2 Population based mortality rates for different gastrointestinal diseases in England and Wales, 1990 and 2000

Underlying cause of deathICD-9 code20001990
No of deathsMortality rate per 100 000 populationNo of deathsMortality rate per 100 000 population
Sources: ONS, 2001379; OPCS, 1992.380
Diseases of the digestive system:
Diseases of oral cavity, salivary glands and jaws520–529330.1180.0
Other diseases of oesophagus530.2–530.94460.84560.9
Peptic ulcer531–5344 0227.64 3818.6
Gastritis and duodenitis5351680.3960.2
Other disorders of stomach and duodenum536–5371030.21040.2
Hernia of abdominal cavity550–5537211.47711.5
Crohn’s disease5551660.31900.4
Ulcerative colitis5561840.31900.4
Vascular insufficiency of intestine5571 8833.61 4832.9
Other non-infective gastroenteritis and colitis5585010.93410.7
Intestinal obstruction without mention of hernia5601 3962.61 2172.4
Diverticular of intestine5621 8263.41 4662.9
Other diseases of intestines and peritoneum564–566,568,5691 1342.16981.4
Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis5714 7709.03 0636.0
Other disorders of liver570,572,5734120.83200.6
Cholelithiasis, cholecystitis and other disorders of the gallbladder574–5757841.56731.3
Other disorders of biliary tract5763240.62610.5
Acute pancreatitis577.08481.67931.6
Chronic pancreatitis577.1770.1880.2
Other diseases of the pancreas577.2–577.9370.1300.1
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage5781 4292.71 1672.3
Intestinal malabsorption579260.0520.1
Total diseases of the digestive system520–57922 13441.818 42936.3
Benign and other neoplasms of the digestive system 210, 211, 230, 235.2–235.5740.1660.1
Malignant neoplasms, digestive system:
Oesophagus1506 06111.45 25910.4
Stomach1515 77910.98 71217.2
Small intestine1522690.52100.4
Colon1539 55418.011 52722.7
Rectum, rectosigmoid junction and anus1544 6828.85 69611.2
Liver and intrahepatic ducts1552 0913.91 3882.7
Gallbladder and extrahepatic ducts1565271.08131.6
Pancreas1576 10511.56 14512.1
Retroperitoneum and peritoneum1581860.41920.4
Other and ill-defined sites, digestive system1591 7503.31 0232.0
Total malignant neoplasms, digestive system150–15937 00469.940 96580.8
Intestinal infectious diseases:
Typhoid and paratyphoid fevers00200.020.0
Other salmonella infections003130.0680.1
Other food poisoning (bacterial)00510.010.0
Other protozoal intestinal diseases00710.040.0
Intestinal infections due to other organisms0084520.9430.1
Ill-defined intestinal infections009790.1690.1
Total intestinal infectious diseases001–0095471.01870.4
Viral hepatitis 0702000.41120.2
Total gastrointestinal diseases001–009,070, 150–159,210, 211,230,235.2–235.5,,520–57959 959113.359 759117.8