Table 3.2.1 Prevalence rates (% of population) of dyspepsia, as reported from various regional studies in the UK and in other Western countries

CountryRegionYear of study*Study sizePrevalence (% of population)‡Authors and reference
*The year before the year of publication is given, where the study period was not specified; ‡ranges of prevalence refer to prevalence rates obtained using different criteria for diagnosing dyspepsia.
UK studies:
UKScotland19671 487 men29.0Weir RD and Backett BM, 196841
UKHampshire19882 06638.0Jones RH and Lydeard SE, 198939
UKEngland and Scotland - 5 centres19897 42841.0Jones RH et al, 199038
UK150 Centres19942 11240.3Penston JG and Pounder RE, 199636
UKnorth of England19973 17925.7Kennedy TM et al, 199840
UKGlasgow19981 61112.0Woodward M et al, 199942
UKLeeds19998 40737.8Moayyedi P et al, 200037
Foreign studies:
Norway1979–198014 39020Johnsen R et al, 198851
NorwaySørreisa,19871 80227.5Bernersen B et al, 199652
USAOlmsted County1988–199183525.8Talley NJ et al, 199253
Denmark19933 61914–51Kay L and Jorgensen T, 199454
GermanyEssen199318024.4Holtmann G et al, 199455
Netherlands199450017Schlemper RJ et al, 199556
Japan199423132Schlemper RJ et al, 199556
USAOlmsted County19962 20019.8Locke GR et al, 199757
AustraliaSydney199759213.2Nandurkar et al, 199858
GermanyLudwigshafen19974 05420.4Zober A et al, 199859
Spain199826423.9Caballero-Plasencia AM et al, 199960
New ZealandWellington199981734.2Haque M et al, 200061
SwedenUppsala19991 42214.5Agreus L et al, 200062
NetherlandsUtrecht200050013.8Boekema PJ et al, 200163
Iceland20002 00017.8Olafsdottir LB et al, 200564
AustraliaNew South Wales20012 30011.4–36Westbrook JJ and Talley NJ, 200265