Table 4.3.1 Rates per 10 000 population for patients consulting general practice, and for the total consultation rate, for the different ICD-9 chapters, England and Wales, 1991–1992

Diagnosis at consultationICD-9 chapterICD-9 codePercentage of patients consulting general practiceConsultation rate per 10 000 population
All consultationsSeriousAll consultationsSerious
Source: McCormick et al, 1995.485
Intestinal infectious diseases:001–0094.09NA517NA
    Infectious and parasitic diseasesI001–13913.990.092 00612
    Viral hepatitis0700.04NA8NA
    All other infectious diseases010–069, 071–139NANA1 489NA
    Malignant, digestive system150–1590.13NA54NA
    Benign and other neoplasms, digestive210,211,230, 235.2–235.5NANA9NA
    All other neoplasms140–149, etcNANA436NA
Endocrine, nutritional, metabolic and immunity disordersIII240–2793.771.85710419
Diseases of blood and blood-forming organsIV280–2890.970.0815112
Mental disordersV290–3197.281.131 761350
Diseases of the nervous system and sense organsVI320–38917.321.992 848378
Diseases of the circulatory systemVII390–4599.313.672 397977
Diseases of the respiratory systemVIII460–51930.705.796 2001314
Diseases of the digestive systemIX520–5798.662.291 495414
Diseases of the genitourinary systemX580–62911.330.312 05053
Complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperiumXI630–6761.080.1918325
Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous systemXII680–70914.550.002 2890
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissueXIII710–73915.215.343 0701067
Congenital abnormalitiesXIV740–7590.530.296941
Certain conditions originating from the perinatal periodXV0.130.03164
Symptom, signs and ill-defined conditionsXVI760–77915.100.072 3407
Injury and poisoningXVII800–99913.900.611 94690
Total gastrointestinal diseases001–009, 070, 150–159, 210,211, 230, 235.2–235.5, 520–579NANA2 083NA
All illnessesI–XVII001–99978.0319.8430 0215450