Table 4.3.6 Surgical procedures of the digestive tract and other abdominal organs with waiting times in excess of 90 days in England, 2000–01

Surgical procedureMean waiting time (days)No of admissionsSurgical procedureMean waiting time (days)No. of admissions
Source: Department of Health, 2004.453
Plastic operations on stomach319214Other connection of ileum121184
Connection of stomach to transposed jejunum22975Excision of pilonidal sinus1215 684
Repair of gall bladder21711Repair of diaphragmatic hernia118289
Antireflux operations2132 121Open introduction of prosthesis into bile duct11834
Repair of liver19296Revision of antireflux operations116107
Fixation of rectum for prolapse172357Other open operations on gall bladder11529
Excision of haemorrhoids1679 177Extirpation of lesion of jejunum11421
Excision of gall bladder16138 373Excision of lesion of anus1117 792
Incision of gall bladder157179Other abdominal operations for prolapse of rectum110660
Repair of anus151584Intra-abdominal manipulation of ileum107237
Other open operations on bile duct13366Other operations on pilonidal sinus985 850
Open endoscopic operations on colon12650Other operations on haemorrhoids93907
Perineal operations for prolapse of rectum1261 028