Table 3.2.4 Prevalence rates (expressed as percentages) of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) reported from various studies in the UK and in other Western countries

CountryCity/regionYear of study*Study sizePrevalence (% of population)†Authors and reference
*Year before the year of publication is given, where the year of study was not specified; †ranges of prevalence refer to prevalence rates obtained using different criteria for diagnosing IBS.
UK studies:
UKAvon197930113.6Thompson WG and Heaton KW, 1980157
UKHampshire19911 62022.0Jones RH and Lydeard SE, 199243
UKBristol19911 8969.5Heaton KW et al, 1992155
UKTeeside19973 17916.7Kennedy TM and Jones RH, 2000154
UKBristol1995–73 1112.5Thompson WG et al, 2000156
UKBirmingham20034 80710.5Wilson S et al, 2004158
Other Western countries:
USA198178917.1Drossman DA et al, 1982159
USA198356615.0Sandler RS et al, 1984160
ItalyUmbria19885338.5Gaburri M et al, 1989161
Japan1988–8923125.0Schlemper RJ et al, 1993162
USA19905 4309.4Drossman DA et al, 1993163
The Netherlands19915009.0Schlemper RJ et al, 1993162
USAOlmsted County19926438.5–20.4Saito YA et al, 2000164
SwedenOsthammar19881 29014.0Agreus L et al, 1995165
DenmarkGlostrup19934 5816.6Kay L et al, 1994166
AustraliaPenrith, Sydney19963 2404.4–13.6Boyce PM et al, 2000167
Spain20002 0002.1–12.1Mearin F et al, 2001168
France200115 1324.7Dapoigny M et al, 2004169
Canada20011 14912.1–13.5Thompson WG et al, 2002170
New ZealandDunedin1998–999803.3–18.8Barbezat G et al, 2002171
Iceland20002 00030.9Olafsdottir LB et al, 200564
USAOlmsted County20026435.1–27.6Saito YA et al, 2003172