Table 3.2.6 Incidence and prevalence rates (per 100 000 population) for primary biliary cirrhosis as reported from various studies in the UK, and in other countries

CountryRegionStudy periodStudy sources*No of casesIncidence per 100 000 populationPrevalence per 100 000 populationAuthors and reference
*Study sources: SP, survey of physicians; Lab, laboratory data on subjects with AMA; HR, review of hospital records or admission data; LHD, liver history data; ND, notification of deaths.
UK studies:
UKSheffield1976–79SP, Lab340.65.4Triger DR, 1980239
UKNorthern England1976–87SP, Lab, HR3471.91.8 in 1976 12.9 in 1987Myszor M and James OF, 1990237
UKDundee1975–79LHD291.14.0Hislop WS et al, 1982240
UKNE England1972–79SP1171.03.7 (rural)14.4 (urban)Hamlyn AN et al, 1983241
UKGlasgow1965–80Lab, LHD3731.1–1.57.0–9.3Goudie BM et al, 1987242
UKNorthern England1987–94SP, Lab, HR, LHD, ND7702.3 in 1987 3.2 in 199420.2 in 1987 34.5 in 1994James OF et al, 1999238
UKNewcastle1987–94SP, Lab, HR, LHD, ND1602.218.0 in 1987Metcalf JV et al, 1997243
24.0 in 1994
UKSwansea1995–96Lab, HR, LHD6720.0Kingham JG and Parker DR, 1998244
Foreign studies:
SwedenUmea1972–83SP, Lab, HR861.315.1Danielsson A et al, 1990245
SwedenMalmo1973–82Lab, HR, ND331.49.2 in 1982Eriksson S and Lindgren S, 1984246
SwedenOrebro1976–83Lab361.412.8 in 1983Lofgren J et al, 1985247
Europe10 centres1981SP5692.3 (0.5–7.5)Triger DR et al, 1984248
CanadaOntario1986SP2060.32.2Witt-Sullivan H et al, 1990249
SpainGranada1976–89SP, HR254.13.6 in 1976Caballero Plasencia AM et al, 1991250
6.2 in 1989
AustraliaVictoria1991SP, HR841.9Watson RG et al, 1995251
NorwayOslo1986–95HR251.614.6 in 1995Boberg KM et al, 1998252
Estonia1973–92SP, Lab690.22.7Remmel T et al, 1995253
USAOlmsted County1976–2000Lab, HR221.3 in men 0.5 in women6.3 in womenBambha K et al, 2003254
Alaska1984–2000Lab, HR1816 (natives)Hurlburt KJ et al, 2002255
AustraliaVictoria1990–2002SP, Lab, HR2495.1Sood S et al, 2004256