Table 3.2.8 Incidence rates (per 100 000 population) for acute pancreatitis, as reported from various national and regional studies in the UK

RegionStudy periodStudy sources*Incidence rate per 100 000 populationAuthors and reference
*Study sources: HR, review of hospital records or admission data; Lab, pathology records; DR, deaths records.
Bristol1950–69HR, Lab, DR5.4 in 1961–67Trapnell JE and Duncan EH, 1975284
Bristol1968–79HR, Lab, DR5.4–7.3 from 1968 to 79Corfield AP et al, 1985285
Nottingham1969–76HR, Lab, DR5.7Bourke JB et al, 1979286
Four counties of SE England1963–98HR4.9 in 1963–74 9.8 in 1987–98Goldacre MJ and Roberts SE, 2004303
Wessex region, south of England1994–95HR, Lab15.2Toh SK et al, 2000288
England1989/90–1999/2000HR14.5 in 1989–90 20.7 in 1999–2000Tinto A et al, 2002304
Scotland1961–85HR, Lab6.9 (men) in 1961 75.0 (men) in 1985 11.2 (women) in 1961 48.4 (women) in 1985Wilson C and Imrie CW, 1990305
NE Scotland1983–85HR, Lab24.2Thomson SR et al, 1987287
Scotland1984–95HR25.8 in 1985McKay CJ et al, 1999306
41.9 in 1995