Table 3 Clinicopathological features of the pancreata that had harboured branch duct IPMN and developed ductal carcinoma distinct from IPMN during follow-up
NoAgeSexSite of IPMNMD (mm)BDs (mm)IDT (mm)Follow-up periodDetection of DCSite of DCConfirmation of DCSize of DCStage of DCResectability of DCTreatment for DC§
173Mbody3/3 (8)23/280/045 monthsCTHeadPJC25 mmIVAResectableCRT
278Ftail3/335/350/018 monthsCTHeadUS-FNA40 mmIVAUnresectableCRT
380Fhead8/1220/405/042 monthsUSBodyPJC20 mmIIIResectableND
472Fhead3/320/200/528 monthsUSBodyEUS-FNA12 mmIIIResectableResection
569Mhead3/3 (5)10/120/0112 monthsMRCPTailPJC14 mmIIIResectableResection
  • BDs, branch ducts, at the initial/latest examination; CRT, chemoradiotherapy; DC, ductal carcinoma; FNA, fine needle aspiration, resectable; IDT, intraductal tumour, at the initial/latest examination; IPMN, intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm; MD, main duct, at the initial/latest examination (upstream dilatation); ND, not done; PJC, pancreatic juice cytology.