Table 1 Cross-sectional studies on needle biopsy of hepatocellular cancer lesions included in systematic review
First author, and yearReferenceNo patientsType of studyMethod of percutaneous biopsyNo patients with seedingMedian follow-up (months)Median time to seedingIncidence (%)How tumour seeding diagnosed
Huang 199637420RetrospectiveUS guided93624 months9/420 (2.1)Histology HCC
Takamori 20003859RetrospectiveCT guided3427 months and 4 years3/59 (5.8)Histology HCC
Maturen 200639101RetrospectiveUS or CT guided014NA0NA
Kosugi 20044431RetrospectiveUS guided1145 months1/31 (3.2)Histology HCC
Kim 200043205RetrospectiveUS guided7447.4 months7/205 (3.4)Histology HCC
Chapoutot 199947150RetrospectiveUS guided43517 months4/150(2.66)Histology HCC
Durand 200140135RetrospectiveUS guided23814 and 36 months2/135 (1.5)Histology HCC
Caturelli 200446239ProspectiveUS guided028NA0NA
Totals134026Median 17 monthsHistology HCC
  • HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; US, ultrasound.