Table 2 Overview of small subunit ribosomal RNA (SSU rRNA)-based phylogenetic microarrays which are fruitful to gain insight into the microbial diversity of the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract microbiota
Target microbesNumber of target organismsSSU rRNA databaseNumber of probesReference (first author)
Human commensal isolates40 bacterial speciesGenBank120Wang61
Sulfate-reducing bacteriaAll recognised lineagesARB*132Loy65
All microbes842 prokaryotic subfamiliesGreengenes, 15 March 2002 version†297851DeSantis70
Human oral cavity microbesNANANASmoot72
Known GI tract commensals and medically relevant microbes1590 bacterial and 39 archaeal speciesprokMSA SSU rDNA sequence database, 2004 version‡10500Palmer73
Human GI tract microbiota1140 bacterial speciesHuman GI tract Microbiota database, 2006 version§4809Rajilić-Stojanivić5
  • *Described by Ludwig et al.74 †Described by DeSantis et al.75 ‡Described by DeSantis et al.76 §Described by Rajilić-Stojanivić et al.51 NA, not available.