Table 1 Patient demographics, n = 62
Median age, years (range)46 (24–80)
Sex, male (%)24 (38.7%)
Known mismatch repair gene mutation (%)*8 (12.9%)
Median time from last colonoscopy, months (range)24 (12–60)
Median number of previous colonoscopies (range)3 (1–9)
Adenoma detected at last colonoscopy (%)22 (35.5%)
Colorectal cancer resection (%)†8 (12.9%; 4 right colon)
  • *Three, MLH1; four, MSH2; one, MSH6. A further 11 patients had a relative with a mismatch repair gene mutation.

  • †Patients who had a right hemicolectomy were examined from ileocolonic anastomosis to sigmoid–descending junction. Those who had a left hemicolectomy were examined from caecum to rectum twice.