Table 2 Intubation and extubation times
Intubation to caecum7:53 (3:16–19:59)
Initial white light extubation to sigmoid–descending junction*6:33 (6:00–8:48)
Re-intubation to caecum1:15 (0:15–6:38)
Second NBI extubation to sigmoid–descending junction*7:00 (6:00–9:29)
White light extubation sigmoid–descending junction to anal verge*3:21 (1:33–6:37)
Total extubation time*17:17 (13:57–22:09)
  • Data are expressed as median time, minutes:seconds (range).

  • *These times do not include time for collection of images of polyps, biopsy or polypectomy.