Table 6 List of the genes that differ between NRs and SVRs in Group B among the 10 genes with a non-adjusted p value below 0.05 in Group A
GeneNR/normalSVR/normalNR/SVRp Value*FDR
IFI-6-16443.2 (569.6)78.3 (89.0)5.70.0020.026
IFI27486.1 (370.7)95.8 (108.9)5.10.0020.026
ISG15341.3 (321.6)43.0 (39.2)7.90.0020.026
OAS279.5 (77.9)24.9 (26.5)3.20.0040.026
HERC524.6 (28.2)5.5 (3.9)4.50.0040.026
IFIT124.3 (20.8)9.1 (9.3)2.70.0120.047
  • The gene expression values of the samples were normalised such that the median of the normal histological liver values was 1. Gene expression ratios were compared among NR and SVR liver gene expression values. Statistics are calculated using the Student t test.

  • *Not adjusted for multiple testing.

  • FDR, false discovery rate; NR, non-responder; SVR, sustained virological responder.