Table 3 Results of factor analysis with hepatitis B virus (HBV)-related variables and factor loadings*
VariableNot including HBV viral loadIncluding HBV viral load
Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3Factor 1Factor 2Factor 3Factor 4
nt 1703 variants0.6355−0.4543−0.02150.6472−0.1756−0.4041−0.1848
nt 1719 variants0.58560.0297−0.01490.58940.2396−0.03830.3147
nt 1726 variants0.77500.1000−0.18140.77400.12760.1180−0.1229
nt 1727 variants0.88170.1847−0.15620.88550.04860.2131−0.1260
nt 1730 variants0.91760.1817−0.11560.91600.07390.2010−0.0620
nt 1753 variants0.15870.70960.20980.1333−0.11260.72690.1358
BCP double variants0.23980.6969−0.24620.25350.07080.7173−0.1858
nt 1799 variants0.83780.2230−0.18640.83960.09240.2489−0.1445
Precore start/stop codon mutation−0.08750.10260.8006−0.1343−0.15040.01250.9117
Genotype C0.74070.3086−0.15190.73040.32340.27280.1156
Anti-HBe positivity−0.1829−0.09550.7162−0.1943−0.8054−0.02010.1885
HBV viral load (log10 copies/ml)0.05870.8584−0.04970.0201
  • *Excluding four subjects (one case and three controls) with missing data on anti-HBe status and four subjects (three cases and one control) for whom HBV genotype could not be determined. For all nt positions listed in the table, we assigned 1 to variants and 0 otherwise. For precore sequence variation, we assigned 1 to the precore start/stop codon mutation and 0 otherwise. The value of the BCP double variants was treated to be 0 when A1762 and G1764 were present and 1 otherwise. For anti-HBe status, we assigned 1 to positivity and 0 to negativity.

  • nt, nucleotide; BCP, basal core promoter; anti-HBe, antibodies against hepatitis B e antigen.