Table 4 Results of stepwise logistic regression analysis*
VariableOR (95% confidence interval)
ALT elevation2.47 (1.41–4.33)
Genotype C3.31 (1.84–5.93)
Anti-HBe positivity0.39 (0.22–0.69)
BCP double variants1.92 (1.14–3.25)
  • *Variables available for selection included age at recruitment (continuous variable), date of blood collection (continuous variable), ALT (elevation or not), genotype (genotype C or other), viral load (continuous variable), anti-HBe (positivity or negativity), and nine sequence variants listed in table 3. One case with missing ALT levels, four subjects (one case and three controls) with missing data on anti-HBe status and four subjects (three cases and one control) for whom HBV genotype could not be determined were excluded from analysis.

  • OR, odds ratio; ALT, alanine aminotransferase; anti-HBe, antibodies against hepatitis B e antigen; BCP, basal core promoter.