Table 2 Case–control studies showing an association between H pylori and asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic disease
Author, year (reference)LocationStudy populationAge (years)H pylori measureDefinition of outcomeMajor findings: Condition and OR (95% CI) in relation to H pylori+
Matricardi, 2000 (43)Caserta, Italy240 atopic cases and 240 non-atopic controls17–24IgG ELISATotal IgEAtopy:0.76 (0.47 to 1.24)
Atopy: logRU >1.2
Non-atopic: logRU<0
Bodner, 2000 (55)Grampion, Scotland97 cases and 208 controls39–45IgG ELISASkin & specific IgE testsWheeze:1.20 (0.70 to 2.20)
Atopy: weal ⩾3 mm, or any IgE >0.35 IU/mlWheeze and asthma:0.50 (0.20 to 1.50)
Self-reported adult-onset wheeze and asthmaAtopy:0.90 (0.60 to 1.60)
Tseng, 2000 (56)Hong Kong90 cases with stable asthma and 97 controlsMean 43IgG ELISACurrent asthma diagnosed by ATS guidelinesAsthma:1.55 (0.83 to 2.90)
Jun, 2005 (57)Japan46 cases with asthma, and 48 healthy controlsMean 52IgG ELISACurrent asthma diagnosed by ATS guidelinesCompared with healthy controls, Asthma:1.10 (0.45 to 2.69)
IgG CagAFor CagA+, Asthma:1.20 (0.39 to 3.69)