Table 3 Summary of studies of chromosomal instability status and colorectal cancer progression-free survival
ReferenceEthnic originStudy sizeStageClinical trialSitePloidy testDNA index cut-off
Armitage et al, 1991130White Caucasian236I–IVnCRCfc1.1
Bottger et al, 1992131White Caucasian68I–IIInRectumfcn/s
Chen et al, 2002133Asian666I–IIInCRCfcn/s
Cosimelli et al, 1998132White Caucasian120I–IIInCRCfcn/s
Costa et al, 1997134White Caucasian104IVnCRCfc1.0
Hixon et al, 1995135White Caucasian52I–IIInCRCfcn/s
Kouri et al, 1990136White Caucasian143I–IVnCRCfc1.0
Lammering et al, 2000141White Caucasian103I–IIInRectumfcn/s
Michel et al, 2000137White Caucasian38II–IIInCRCfcn/s
Moran et al, 1993138White Caucasian138I–IIInRectumfcn/s
Pietra et al, 1998139White Caucasian98I–IVnCRCfc1.0
Lin et al, 2003142Asian146I–IVnCRCfc1.0
Sampedro et al, 1999143White Caucasian88I–IIInCRCfc1.1
Tomoda et al, 1993140Asian100I–IIInCRCfcn/s
  • CRC, combined analysis for colorectal cancers; fc, flow cytometry; n, no; n/s, not stated in report; y, yes.