Table 3 Correlation of symptom response with normalisation of the lactulose hydrogen breath test (LHBT)
StudyLHBTNormalisation of LHBTCorrelation of symptom response with normalisation of LHBT
Pimentel 2000LHBT25 yesStrong correlation
47 antibiotic22 no
Pimentel 2003LHBT8 yesNot accounted for by small number of responders
41 antibiotic32 no
43 placebo42 no
Pimentel 2006LHBTNot reportedUnknown
Sharara 2006LHBTAll normal at baseline*No change in LHBT for rifaximin group; decreased bloating correlates with H2 reduction at 180 min†
63 rifaximin
61 placebo
  • *Abnormal defined as rise >20 ppm at 90 min.

  • †Subgroup analysis of rifaximin responders only.