Table 2 Initial cause of diagnosis of colorectal cancer (CRC)
Causen (%)
Surveillance colonoscopy25 (17)
Non-surveillance colonoscopy35 (23)
Increase of symptoms*61 (41)
Incidental finding in colectomy specimen20 (13)
    Refractory disease10 (7)
    Proctectomy in IPAA procedure1 (1)
    Toxic megacolon1 (1)
Stenosis1 (1)
    Perforation after colonoscopy1 (1)
    Dysplasia6 (4)
Suspected appendicitis†1 (1)
Suspected acute cholecystitis†1 (1)
Abnormal laboratory findings4 (3)
Unknown‡2 (1)
  • *Symptoms include increase of abdominal pain, altered bowel habits with or without rectal blood loss.

  • †CRC detected during laparotomy.

  • ‡Referrals for proctocolectomy of which the initial cause of CRC diagnosis was irretrievable.

  • IPAA, ileal pouch anal anastomosis.