Table 1 Antibodies used for immunohistochemistry (IHC) and flow cytometry
AntibodySpeciesManufacturerCatalogue numberDilutionApplication
AlbuminRabbit polyclonal IgGAbcamab24061:1000IHC
CD3-FITCMouse monoclonal IgG2a/MEM-57AbD SerotecMCA2184F5 μl/106 cellsFlow cytometry
CD14-FITCMouse monoclonal IgG1/MEM-18AbD SerotecMCA2185F5 μl/106 cellsFlow cytometry
CD34Mouse monoclonal IgG1/Qbend10DakoM71651:100IHC
CD34-FITCMouse monoclonal IgG1/8G12BD34580120 μl/106 cellsFlow cytometry
CD45-FITCMouse monoclonal IgG1/2D1BD34580810 μl/106 cellsFlow cytometry
Thy-1 (CD90)Mouse monoclonal IgG1/5E10BD Pharmingen5555931:250IHC, Flow cytometry
CD90-PEMouse monoclonal IgG1/5E10BD Pharmingen5555965 μl/106 cellsFlow cytometry
c-kit (CD117)Mouse monoclonal IgG2a/K45NeoMarkersMS-2891:100IHC
CD117-PEMouse monoclonal IgG1/104D2Southern Biotech9815-09C10 μl/106 cellsFlow cytometry
CK7Mouse monoclonal IgGDakoM70181:100IHC
CK14Rabbit polyclonal IgGZytomedRP1131:50IHC
CK18Mouse monoclonal IgG1/CK2ChemiconMAB34041:100IHC
CK19Mouse monoclonal IgG1/RCK108DakoM08881:100IHC
HepPar1Mouse monoclonal IgG1/OCH1E5DakoM71581:50IHC
M2-PKMouse monoclonal IgG1/DF4ScheBo BiotechS-11:10IHC
OV6MouseGift from S. Sell*1:100IHC
  • Manufacturers: Abcam, Cambridge, UK; AbD Serotec, Düsseldorf, Germany; BD, Heidelberg, Germany; BD Pharmingen, Heidelberg, Germany; Chemicon, Schwalbach, Germany; NeoMarkers, Dreieich, Germany; ScheBo Biotech, Giessen, Germany; Southern Biotech, Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Zytomed, Berlin, Germany.

  • *We are grateful to Dr S. Sell (Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Albany, NY, USA) for the kind gift of OV6 antibody.