Table 3 Mean (SD) values for the domains of the CLDQ15 and the relationship with FIS in 120 patients with histologically confirmed NAFLD
CLDQ domain scoresCorrelation with FIS
MeanSDp Valuerr2
Abdominal symptoms (AB)52<0.001–0.40.2
Fatigue (FA)42<0.001–0.70.4
Systemic symptoms (SY)51<0.001–0.50.3
Activity (AC)52<0.001–0.50.3
Emotional function (EF)52<0.001–0.70.4
Worry (WO)52<0.001–0.50.3
  • CLDQ, Chronic Liver Disease Questionnaire; FIS, Fatigue Impact Scale; NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.