Table 2

Characteristics of families and HRIs undergoing PC screening

Families collected in FaPaCa110
Number of family members counselled527
Number of HRIs to whom screening was recommended205
Number of families taking part in screening34
FPC/MPCS families in screening28/6
Mean age (range) of PC patients60 (35–85)
High risk HRIs (risk >10-fold) from families with
    five affected members3
    four affected members13
    three affected members15
    HRIs with BRCA2 mutation*2
Moderate risk HRIs (risk 5- to 10-fold) families with
    two first-degree PC members or MPCS families without mutation44
History of pancreatitis in the family2
History of diabetes mellitus in the family1
Additional tumours in family
    Breast cancer11
    Colon cancer8
    Lung cancer5
  • *One mutation carrier came from a FPC family with three affected members.

  • FaPaCa, German National Case Collection of Familial Pancreatic Cancer; FPC, familial pancreatic cancer; HRI, high-risk individual; MPCS, melanoma–pancreatic cancer syndrome; PC, pancreatic cancer.