Table 5 Quantitation of immunoreactivities in colonic biopsies from IBS and controls
IBS233.2 (2.2–5.1)2.3 (0.7–3.1)5.0 (3.2–6.1)4.0 (2.9–5.6)8.7 (5.9–12.1)1.0 (0.5–3.8)
Control220.9 (0.5–2.1)0.8 (0.5–1.5)2.7 (1.7–3.8)2.9 (1.9–3.9)5.4 (3.9–7.9)1.0 (0.3–1.8)
Ratio of medians IBS:control3.562.961.861.361.600.98
p Value<0.00010.010.0020.020.030.29
  • Values are medians with interquartile range in parentheses. TRPV1 is expressed as fibres/mm2, and the other immunoreactivities as percentage area. Significance of differences between IBS and controls was determined by Mann–Whitney U test.

  • IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; PGP, protein gene product; SP, substance P; TRPV1, transient receptor potential vanilloid type-1.