Table 3

Pancreatic abnormalities on EUS and MRI

HRI-IDFamilyEUS findingCP signs (EUS) n/9EUS-FNACMRI finding
25-6-60-2FPCDiffuse changes3Not doneSmall cysts, dilated side branch of pd (IPMN?)
25-2-70-2FPCSuspicious retropancreatic nodule0Not doneNormal
25-5-79-103FPCDiffuse changes, tail5Not doneNormal
25-1-90-20403MPCSDiffuse changes6Not doneNormal
25-4-48-211FPCDiffuse changes, tail5Not doneNormal
25-4-48-205FPCDiffuse changes6Not doneNormal
25-4-5-2*FPCMacrocystic lesion with growing solid part5Not doneLobulated macrocystic lesion
25-1-72-2020504FPCSmall cystic lesion5Not doneNormal
25-7-33-20604FPCDiffuse changes, tail+hypoechoic nodule, tail2NormalHypointense mass tail
25-2-28-23FPCDiffuse changes, tail6Not doneNormal
25-4-48-204FPCDiffuse changes, tail+hypoechoic nodule, tail5NormalHypointense mass, tail
25-1-95-1FPCHeterogenous mass, tail0NormalNormal
25-8-29-2020604FPCNot doneNENot doneHypointense mass, tail
25-9-56-21403FPCDiffuse changes, tail3NormalNormal
25-4-2-2FPCNormalNENot doneDiffuse changes with duct irregularities (mild CP)
25-4-25-204*FPCHypoechoic mass, headNENot doneTwo solid liver lesions
25-5-67-24*FPCHypoechoic mass, tail2Not doneHypointense mass, tail
11-6-159-13MPCSDiffuse changes, tail+extrapancreatic nodule3NormalNormal
25-9-56-24FPCDiffuse changes, tail+hypoechoic lesion3NormalNormal
25-6-62-105FPCDiffuse changes, tail3Not doneNormal
25-7-85-2*FPCMacrocystic lesion with solid part, head and tail1Not doneGrowing macrocystic mass, head and tail
25-1-91-1*FPCHypoechoic mass, tail3Not doneNormal
25-5-67-20606FPCDiffuse changes3Not doneHypointense mass, tail
25-7-104-2FPCNot doneNENot doneMicrocystic adenoma pancreatic body and small cysts (IPMN?)
25-7-41-109*FPCHypoechoic massNENot doneHypointense mass, tail
25-7-41-107FPCDiffuse changes, tail6Not doneNormal
25-7-41-113FPCDiffuse changes, tail4NormalNormal
25-2-28-204*FPCHypoechoic mass, corpusNENot doneNormal
  • *HRI, who underwent surgery.

  • CP, chronic pancreatitis; EUS, endoscopic ultrasound; FNAC, fine needle aspiration cytology; FPC, familial pancreatic cancer; HRI, high-risk individual; IPMN, intraductal pancreatic mucinous neoplasia; MPCS, melanoma pancreatic–cancersyndrome; NE, not evaluated; pd, pancreatic duct.