Table 1 Characteristics of the patients and tumours
Number of patients349
Mean age (years)64.1 (SD 11.2); range, 29–88
Short-segment Barrett’s oesophagus173
Long-segment Barrett’s oesophagus176
Macroscopic type
Polypoid (type I)39
Flat (II)
    Elevated, type IIa101
    Flat, type IIb160
    Depressed, type IIc11
    Elevated+depressed, type IIa+c34
Excavated (type III)4
    High-grade intraepithelial neoplasia61
    Well-differentiated (G1)205
    Moderately differentiated (G2)75
    Poorly differentiated (G3)8
Local tumour stage after ER
  • ER, endoscopic resection; HGIN, high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia; SD, standard deviation; T1m1: tunica propria; T1m2: superficial muscularis mucosae, T1m3 through superficial muscularis mucosa but not into deep muscularis mucosa; T1m4: into deep muscularis mucosae.