Table 2 Acute and long-term results
Patients treated with ER (n)279
    Treated with PDT (n)55
    Treated with ER+PDT (n)13
    Treated with APC (n)2
Endoscopic resections (n)734
ERs per patient2.1
Piecemeal resections (n)100/279 (35.8%)
Major complications (n) (eg, major bleeding)2 (0.6%)
Minor complications (eg, minor bleeding, slight stenosis, odynophagia sunburn)58 (16.6%)
CLR (patients)337/349 (96.6%)
Time until CLR (months)4.2 (SD 5.6)
Follow-up (months)
    25% percentile49.5
    75% percentile80.0
Metachronous lesions74/349 (21.5%)
Long-term CLR after repeat ET330/349 (94.5%)
  • APC, argon plasma coagulation; CLR, complete local remission; ER, endoscopic resection; ET, endoscopic treatment; PDT, photodynamic treatment; SD, standard deviation.