Table 1

Patient characteristics for plasma miRNA analysis

CharacteristicPatients with CRC (n = 130)Healthy controls (n = 75)Patients with IBD (n = 20)Patients with GC (n = 20)
No of patientsNo of patientsNo of patientsNo of patients
Age (years)
    Median (range)73 (42–91)70 (45–85)73 (61–80)72 (50–86)
TNM stage inmiRNA profiling (n = 5)
TNM stage inpre- and post-Op study (n = 10)
TNM stage inselected marker validation (n = 25)
TNM stage inlarge-scale validation (n = 90)
  • CRC, colorectal cancer; GC, gastric cancer; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; TNM, tumour–node–metastsis staging system.