Table 5 Crypt dimensions and crypt cell kinetics in macroscopically normal mucosa and tumour proliferation index following starch treatment (Study 2)
OS (nā€Š=ā€Š15)SEMRS (nā€Š=ā€Š13)SEMp Value
Crypt length (nm)43224.847922.50.18
Crypt width (nm)862.7842.50.58
Crypt mitotic cell count6.490.646.280.580.81
Mitotic cells in top half of crypt (%)
MIB1 proliferation index0.430.030.470.030.26
  • Values in the table are least square means adjusted for age, sex and site of biopsy. Crypt mitotic cell count is the average number of mitotic cells per whole crypt calculated after counting a minimum of 10 microdissected whole crypts from apparently normal flat mucosa. MIB1 proliferation index is the ratio of the number of MIB1-positive cells to total cells in tumour tissue. MIB1, mindbomb homologue 1; OS, ordinary starch; RS, resistant starch.