Table 1 Clinical data of the patients in this study
Age (years)46 (6)39 (3) ns44 (5) ns
Gender (males/females)7/210/17/1
CD4 count (cells per µl of blood)ND302 (58)*475 (75)*
HIV load (log10 copies per ml)NA5.5<LOD
CDC stage ANA21
CDC stage B55
CDC stage C42
  • Values are given as absolute numbers or as means (SEM).

  • *Not significantly different from each other (p = 0.078).

  • CDC stage, disease stage as defined by the Centers for Disease Control classification; HAART, highly active antiretroviral therapy; <LOD, below the limit of detection (<50 copies/ml); NA, not applicable; ND, not determined; ns, not significantly different from controls.