Table 3 Endoscopic features of eosinophilic oesophagitis
Endoscopic featureDescription
Feline oesophagus (corrugated or
  • Multiple concentric rings

ringed oesophagus)        – fine or coarse
        – transient or fixed
        – web-like
Small calibre oesophagus
  • Narrow, fixed internal diameter

  • Featureless, unchanging column

  • Poor expansion on air insufflation

  • Proximal and/or distal stenosis or rings (appearance of Schatzki’s ring)

Adherent white papules or exudates
  • White exudates 1–2 mm in diameter which do not wash off (similar to candidiasis)

  • Speckled patches

  • Granular

  • Vesicles

  • Loss of vascular pattern

Linear oesophageal furrows
  • Vertical oesophageal lines

Crêpe paper mucosa
  • Fragile oesophageal mucosa

  • Delicate, inelastic

  • Mucosal abrasions or laceration with minimal contact

  • This table is modified from Yan and Shaffer,21 with permission from the publishers.