Table 2 List of the genes that differ between non-responders and sustained virological responders (training set)73
Gene symbolFamilyName of the encoded proteinNR/SVR
IFI-6-16IFN-inducible proteinIFNα-inducible protein 33.5
IFI27IFN-inducible proteinIFNα-inducible protein 274.2
ISG15IFN-inducible proteinIFNα-inducible protein 23.7
MX1IFN-inducible proteinActivating transcription factor 62.7
HERC5IFN-inducible proteinHect domain and RLD 52.2
TGFB2Growth factorTransforming growth factor β22.7
OAS2IFN-inducible protein29-59-Oligoadenylate synthetase 21.8
VEGFDAngiogenesisVascular endothelial growth factor D2.4
IL8InterleukinInterleukin 83.2
IFIT1IFN-inducible proteinIFN-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats 155.3
  • Gene expression ratios were compared among non-responder and sustained virological responder liver gene expression values.

  • IFN, interferon.