Table 5 Long-term efficacy of fistula healing with adalimumab to 2 years from CHARM baseline: NRI analysis*
Time pointNRI (n  =  70)
No (%)
6 Months in CHARM32 (46)
1 Year in CHARM29 (41)
24 Weeks in ADHERE25 (36)
36 Weeks in ADHERE26 (37)
48 Weeks in ADHERE23 (33)
60 Weeks in ADHERE†22 (31)
  • *Includes all adalimumab-treated patients (every other week and weekly groups combined, N  =  70) with fistulas at baseline of the Crohn’s Trial of the Fully Human Antibody Adalimumab for Remission Maintenance (CHARM). Fistula efficacy defined as complete healing/closure of draining fistulas at time point since baseline of CHARM. †60 weeks in the Additional Long-Term Dosing with HUMIRA to Evaluate Sustained Remission and Efficacy in Crohn’s disease (ADHERE) study represents approximately 2 years of adalimumab therapy. NRI, non-responder imputation.